• Agri-technologies that will disrupt

    Agri-technologies that will disrupt

    By admin 15 July, 2020

    In the light of recent measures announced by the government of India for the agriculture sector it has become imperative that individuals and companies understand and execute their role in contributing to the development of efficient systems for food production in India. The current crisis- along with several others that led to it- has opened up avenues for entry of a slew of sustainable technologies that previously only few countries had developed and implemented-partly due to hostile conditions in their country or due to increasing pressure from climate activists. Agribator is seeking collaborations with the following technologies to collaborate and launch with tailored services for the smallholder in India.

    Optimizing water use in agriculture

    One such technology is optimizing the use of water in agriculture. Water saving was never the front running problem India thought of in the last decade. However, due to exhaustion of most of the groundwater in urban and rural settings both, it has alarmed the country like never before. Heavy subsidies and awareness campaigns are lined up for farmers in India to nudge them in the right direction.

    Reducing soil loss and regulating input use

    Reducing soil loss and degradation became a priority when the margins achieved during the green revolution began to thin due to rise in soil infertility. Hence technologies which are not only friendly for the pocket of smallholders but also are effective in regulating the amount of input use and still meet the productivity goals are being increasingly sought after.

    Scientific warehousing and Robust Supply Chain

    Surplus food production is only half the battle won, we need systems in place to guard the access and store it in prime condition so as to effectively utilize it. Warehousing has been scientific in India in only a handful cases-most of which has to start from the field which we hardly see happening due to various reasons. Storage and an effective supply chain will ensure what we produce gets utilized efficiently.

    ICT, Drones and Satellite Data Services

    Use of ICT, drones and satellite data services: The idea of using drones arguably remained far fetched for most farmers because of surfeit of manpower availability in India. However only recently when we deployed drones for countering the locusts did we realize there is more credit due than given. Satellite data which include a host of never before services as complex as financial inclusion and agricultural lending.